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A Savage Story of Survival

"Not Today Motherf@#!er" was the battle cry Kelly Herron screamed on a Sunday afternoon when she experienced every runner's biggest nightmare.  Four miles into her marathon training run, she stopped in a park bathroom, where she was brutally assaulted.

Using skills she recently learned in a self-defense class, she fought back and trapped her attacker inside the bathroom until police arrived. Her Instagram post (@run_kiwi_run) showing the frantic GPS lines tracking the assault went viral, attracting global attention.

Women around the world were inspired to learn self-defense and fight back - whether it be against assault or even against someone who is underestimating them. 

Kelly went on to complete her first marathon in Chicago and her attacker has been sentenced to prison.  She was named by Women's Running Magazine as among the "21 Women Transforming the World through Running"  and has raised tens of thousands of dollars for organizations such as Face Forward LA, RAINN, Girls on the Run and more.  She now coaches new runners through Running Evolution in Seattle.

She will never stop fighting and will continue to inspire, educate and build community through running, personal protection and other forms of badassery. She is currently training (and fundraising) for a charity bib in the 2018 NYC marathon.